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We will be there to care for those most in need at end of life.

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Welcome to Martha & Mary Ministries.

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We are working to create a culture in our community where each and every person lives with dignity and hope at end of life.

Our Mission

The mission of Martha & Mary Ministries is to promote dignity at end of life through compassionate care and presence, spiritual support and community education.

Named for the sisters who were close friends of Jesus and who represent active and contemplative ministry, both essential at end of life.


Martha & Mary Ministries grew from a small group of hospice nurses, clergy, physicians and others who had been privileged to serve many persons as they were dying.  We had experienced the great blessings that come to those who are dying and to the ones who share in this final journey.

We also knew many people who needed far more than they received in their last months and days—people who died in pain, who were afraid, who died alone or family members overwhelmed by their circumstances.

Exploring the needs of dying persons in the Portland area, we answered this need with the vision of Martha & Mary Ministries. We became a 501(C)(3) nonprofit (EIN: 68-0562790).

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Please see our video, Giving Hope A Home.

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